Bedding Plants

Seedlings. Our season starts in frigid February, when the first of many crops of seedlings goes into the germination chamber. We grow a wide variety of bedding plants, seeded into plug trays and later transplanted into paks, ready for retail customers. Commercial growers please inquire about our plug program. We take great care to provide optimum growing conditions for our plants from seed to sale.

Cuttings. March sees the arrival of our cuttings! Geraniums, Dracaena, Proven Winners and Basket Stuffers, and many more varieties of vegetatively propagated plant material that cannot be grown from seed are brought in as cuttings. They are then quickly & carefully potted into appropriately sized containers and grown with care and attention to providing our customers with a plant that stands strong on healthy roots. We’ve spent much time researching suppliers, and are confident we are offering plants grown only from top quality cuttings.